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^ denotes equal contribution,* denotes corresponding author(s), lab members underlined

Publications: Publications

39. Mir M.*,Miller spreads and the power of observation, Nature Reviews Genetics (2024),   Download PDF

38. Mukheree A.^, Fallacaro S.^, Ratchasanmuang P.^, Zinski J.^, Boka A., Shankta K., Mir M.*, A fine kinetic balance of interactions directs transcription factor hubs to genes, bioRxiv (2024),   Download PDF

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35. Song L., Yao  X., Li H.. Peng B., Boka A. P., Liu Y.. Chen G., Liu Z., Mathias K. M., Xia L.. Li Q. Mir M., Li Y.*, Li H.*, Wan l.*, Hotspot mutations in the structured ENL YEATS domain link aberrant transcriptional condensates and cancer, Molecular Cell (2022) Download PDF

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33. Chong. S* and Mir M., Towards Decoding the Sequence-Based Grammar Governing the Functions of Intrinsically Disordered Protein Regions, Journal of Molecular Biology, (2021)  Download PDF

Mustafa's Postdoc Work

32. McSwiggen D. T., Mir M., Darzacq X.*, Tjian R.*, Evaluating phase separation in live cells: diagnosis, caveats, and functional consequences, Genes Dev, (2019)  Download PDF

31. M. W. Parker, M. Bell, M. Mir, J. A. Kao, X. Darzacq, M. R. Botchan*, J. M. Berger*, A new class of disordered elements controls DNA replication through initiator self-assembly, eLife 8:e48562, (2019) Download PDF

30. M. Mir*, W. Bickmore, E. E. M. Furlong, G. J. Narlikar, Chromatin topology, condensates, and gene regulation: shifting paradigms or just a phase? Development, 146,dev182766 (2019) Download PDF

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Mustafa's Graduate Work

21. L. Ma, G. Rajshekhar, B. Bhaduri, S. Sridharan, M. Mir, A. Chakraborty, R. Iyer, S. Prasant, L. Millet, M. U. Gilette, and G. Popescu*, Phase correlation imaging of unlabeled cell dynamics, Scientific Reports, 6, 32702, (2016) Download PDF

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Mustafa's Undergraduate Work

2. U. Mirsaidov, J. Scrimgeour, W. Timp, K. Beck, M. Mir, P. Matsudaira and G. Timp*, Live Cell Lithography: Using Optical Tweezers to Create Synthetic Tissue, Lab on a Chip, 8 (12), (2008): 2174-2181 Download PDF

1. U. Mirsaidov, W. Timp, K. Timp, M. Mir, P. Matsudaira and G. Timp*, Optimal Optical Trap for Bacterial Viability, Physics Review E, 78 (2), (2008): 021910 Download PDF

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