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Lab Culture & Values


Response to prompt: "What 3 words would you use to describe our lab culture? " from an anonymous survey of the lab conducted in September 2022.

Approach to Science 

Our core scientific values are to be driven by our curiosity and to not be afraid of  transcending conventional disciplinary boundaries.  We cherish in being uncomfortable and continuously challenging the limits of our understanding and capabilities. We are not constrained by specific experimental approaches and bring in or develop new technologies and methods as required.

We are committed to doing science in an open and transparent manner. We believe that the products of our scientific research belong to all and that open science makes our work more rigorous and reproducible. As such we commit to posting all our publications as pre-prints, and sharing code, data, and resources . 

We understand that many important unanswered questions in biology require collaboration. Within our own lab we use imaging, computation, genomics, biochemistry, molecular biology and genetics. Succeeding in such an environment requires working closely with and supporting each other.  We engage in collaborative efforts both within the lab and outside to bring in new perspectives, break new ground, and venture into uncharted territories together.

Lab Environment

We view maintaining a safe, inclusive, equitable, and diverse workplace as not just good for science, but as a moral imperative.  We strive to foster ownership of not just individual projects but of the labs mission as a whole.  Most important decisions in the lab,  especially those involving hiring new colleagues, are made democratically.  We celebrate our professional and personal successes together and  support each other through challenging times. We work hard to have means of effective communication that contribute to a sense of community and to also ensure that everyone has the resources they need to succeed. We strive to ensure that all lab members have a chance to have their voice heard and have several avenues to provide feedback. 

Outreach & Community

We understand that science does not happen in a vacuum and that the future of science lies in ensuring that all members of society have an opportunity to participate.  We participate in efforts to improve our understanding of the causes of systemic inequity and diverse representation in academia and in outreach efforts targeted at historically underrepresented groups.


Our goal is to develop well-rounded scientists who can take advantage of all resources available to them to answer whatever questions they are working on.  To help achieve these goals we use individually tailored mentorship strategies developed through frequent dialogue as well as formal tools including Individual Development Plans and Lab Surveys.  We have weekly one-on-one meetings to discuss new data and strategize, but also to talk about any professional or personal aspirations and challenges. All formal expectations are clearly laid out in a lab manual which we periodically revise together based on everyone's experiences.

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